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Searching For The Right Hotel Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Travelers, on average, visit 38 websites before booking a hotel. Searching for hours leads to confusion and frustration. File that under the “time wasted” tab of your life: most of those sites are owned by the same two large companies, a fact that 75% of consumers don’t know.

This is where our search feature stands apart. Our partnership with major hotel chains results in facts and hotel information straight from the source. There’s no middleman. We weed out misinformation and half-truths to provide an unbiased experience that won’t make your heart rate spike.

The process is simple and straightforward. With a few mouse clicks, you’ll have the ability to compare prices and see hidden loyalty member rates (that other sites can’t show you) from all of your favorite hotels.

When you find the perfect room, we’ll bring you to the hotel’s website to finish the booking process. This ensures your reservation is secure and you receive the best possible customer service.

That’s it. We won’t bug you with annoying phrases such as “in high demand,” “book now,” or “only three rooms left!”

Roomkey Goes Beyond Hotel Search

Loyalty programs have rewarded consumers for decades. As these programs evolved—adding tiers, levels, and various bonuses to compensation structures—OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) jumped in, hoping to cash in on a big business that accounts for 15% of all U.S. e-commerce.

These OTAs acted as double agents who were more concerned about using sketchy urgency marketing tactics to boost profits.

We took exception to this, as did the general public. The American Hotel and Lodging Association reported in a 2017 study that OTAs misled 23% of travelers, leading to 28.5 million affected stays and $5.2 billion in fraudulent hotel bookings .

We saw a need for more transparency in the industry and we recognized an opening to combine an easy-to-use hotel search process with a more enjoyable, less gimmicky experience.

So, we banded together with six major hotel brands to form

The result is a less cluttered experience that prioritized the consumer instead of a money-hungry plan hunting for revenue and high commission rates.

Armed with information straight from our hotel partners, we designed a platform that supports trust and loyalty. We removed the ploys, ruses, and tricks to help you have the best hotel booking experience possible.

No tricks. Just travel.

Today, Choice Hotels International, Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International, and Wyndham Hotel Group serve as loyal, direct partners with Roomkey to help spread the word about honest and straightforward hotel search.